Bringing the healing power of plant medicine to everyday life. Gathered and grown on the shores of Oahu, HI. These wild crafted salves, lotions and sunscreens are made from all natural, locally crafted and organic ingredients. All of our products are handmade on the island of Oahu with traditional Hawaiian plant medicine infused into each product. WE know you will enjoy them and their effectiveness.


Kailua Town  (Every Sunday)

  Sundays 8:30am-12pm

Kailua Elementary
315 Kuulei Road,

Kailua 96734

Pearl Ridge  (Every Saturday)

Saturdays 8am-12noon

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Our Reefs are at Risk!

What is in your Sunscreen?

watch the video here to find out what chemicals in sunscreen are harming the reef.

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If you are on the look out for some great hand crafted organic skin care or Hawaiian Grown CBD from Hemp, look no further. Hawaii Medicinal has got the potions for your ins and outs of everyday life, love and passion. Enjoy the love we share!!