Body Block


Organic Sunblock SPF 30 – Ocean Life Safe – With Hawaiian Naupaka –  MADE BY HAND WITH LOVE 


active ingredients: non nano zinc oxide 20%

Organic Ingredients: hawaiian naupaka leaf, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, bees wax, red rasberry seed oil, vitamin e, carrot seed oil, lavender oil


This great plant based organic sunblock is perfect for a day at the beach.  It is safe for the reef and ocean life, as well as children and anyone with sensitive skin.  Because of its pure organic ingredients it does not sting the eyes and can be used on lips, face, and all areas of the body.  Infused with Hawaiian Naupaka Leaf (which was used traditionally as sunblock in Hawaiian plant medicine), our body block is made from only the best ingredients.  The fresh Naupaka leaf is gathered from special spots along the beaches of Oahu, crushed lightly with a lava stone and then infused into organic coconut oil for up to two weeks.  This infusion is then added to other natural spf oils such as olive oil, red raspberry seed, carrot seed, Vitamin E, and shea butter, and a non nano zinc oxide for mineral spf protection.  Organic beeswax is melted into the mixture to bind the ingredients and make it waterproof upon use.  It has just the right amount of beeswax to stay on your body and provide protection from the sun while also feeling great.  It is more lightweight than our surf sticks and smoother to apply, which makes it more breathable while on the beach.  Reapplication is recommended after swimming or after about an hour or so in intense sun.  With a natural lavender scent, it smells great and feels like your just wearing your favorite lotion.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


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