About Us

Our Mission

To bring ancient healing to everyday life.  Connecting good people to good natural medicine and organic healing products that are environmentally conscious and safe for our island, the ocean, and the world.

How I Found Plant Friends

As a little girl I used to play in the forest, grinding up leaves and berries to make pretend plant medicine.  Little did I know, that many of those same flowers and plants were truly medicinal and that connection I always felt to the earth and its wisdom has been ingrained in us from the beginning of civilization.

Kiki Pu Chung pounds dried leaves with lava rock to make naupaka sunscreen at her home studio in Kailua where she makes all of her organic reef safe skincare products for Hawaii Medicinal.

People have been using plants and only plants to make food, medicine, cosmetics, everything for generations in every traditional society.  We have only turned away from this in the last few hundred years.  If we turn back to the wisdom of our ancestors, there is a plant to answer every need.  What’s even more amazing is that there is a plant growing right where you are! in your location for your needs.  Indigenous populations used plants that grew in their area because that is all they had access to and the earth provided. We can still do that. We can use locally grown organic plants to answer all of our every day needs.  It’s good for the earth, it’s good for our bodies.  It’s good for our soul.  We grow our own food, why not everything else?

Personally, I found plant medicine when western medicine had no answers for my ailments.  My doctor literally said, “I’m scared for you.  I have no answers, maybe you should see a naturopath.”  From my first visit with the naturopath, I began healing.  He treated my whole person, mind body and spirit, and the remedies he introduced me to were made from natural sources.  I was along my path and began meeting the right people.

Kiki Pu Chung always picks naupaka with intention and positive, healing energy in mind when foraging along the Kailua coastline for medicinal plants. Naupaka leaves are one of the main ingredients in her reef-safe organic sunscreen she makes for Hawaii Medicinal.

Soon I met Berta, a woman who was making her own natural remedies from plants she grew and gathered.  I was enthralled.  She taught me how to make a salve for skin and pain.  Shortly after taking me under her wing, sadly, she passed away.  Her children passed me the torch, giving me her recipes and dried collected plants and asked me to keep her legacy alive by sharing her healing knowledge with others.

Kiki Pu Chung puts freshly picked naupaka leaves into a mason jar to make sunscreen at her home studio in Kailua, where she makes all of her organic reef safe skincare products for Hawaii Medicinal.

Since then, I have been studying hawaiian plant medicine(La au La pa au), growing and gatheringherbs, and making natural remedies for my family and friends.  Miraculously, each time a need arises, I have happened upon the right plant to fill it.  My son got bronchitis, that day in class, my teacher

taught us about Noni leaf and Popolo Leaf for respiratory issues.  I started making my own organic sunblock, I found out that Hawaiians have traditionally been using Naupaka leaf as a natural sunscreen. I got a rash on my arm, found pohinahina cures eczema.  We kept getting little reef cuts, I found laukahi leaf draws out infection and toxins while comfrey leaf seals the wound.  The list goes on and continues to grow.

We found out about a harmful chemical (oxybenzone) in most commercial sunblocks that is harming our reef so severely that there is a motion to ban it, so we made an all organic one using Naupaka leaf infused coconut oil and other natural spf oils like raspberry seed and carrot seed.  Living in Hawaii, our family is in the sun and ocean every day.  We needed not only an organic sunblock, but one that stays on while we surf for hours.  We needed an after sun balm for when those hours in the water go a little longer than any sunscreen can.  We needed a salve to heal chafed skin.

Kiki Pu Chung pours her After Sun Body Balm into containers at her home studio in Kailua where she makes all of her organic reef safe skincare products for Hawaii Medicinal.

Each leaf is collected by hand with love, respect, and intention and mixed with only the purest organic ingredients.  Every salve, stick, balm, powder, tea is handmade with love here in Kailua, Hawaii on the island of Oahu.

Hawaii Medicinal’s organic reef safe skincare products made in Kailua.

We make medicine for our everyday life.  For our family.   And hopefully for yours.  Every family needs a healer.  Be your family’s healer and choose true medicine, from the earth, from our roots.

Kiki Pu Chung with her partner Timothy Clark of Hawaii Medicinal & Sunshine Healing Hawaii – in Kailua, Hawaii.